Year of Call: 2017

Barrister at Law [Call 2017]
Direct public access accredited
Litigation extension accredited

Dr. Ilahi accepts instructions in all aspects of family law including divorce, financial settlement disputes, concealment of assets, domestic violence and child arrangement matter; immigration, nationally and asylum law; civil litigation including personal injury, employment law, commercial litigation, professional negligence, contractual and property disputes, landlord and tenant matters; and income tax, capital gain, VAT & duties tax.

Before joining the Bar, Dr. Ilahi qualified as a Solicitor in 2013 and was also called to bar in 2017 after qualifying as Barrister. He completed his PhD in law in 2012 from University of London. He specialises in legislative policy analysis, legislative drafting and statutory interpretation. He has worked as Director Sir William Dale Legislative Drafting Clinic and Executive Editor of IALS Student Law Review at University of London. He has previously worked as Civil Judge/Judicial Magistrate in Pakistan and practiced as an Advocate of High Courts. He has been Associate Research Fellow (2013-2019) at Institute of Advanced Legal Studies University of London. He has supervised and examined PhD students in their viva. He is currently peer reviews academic articles for different international journals and work as examiner for PhD students.

He has also appeared as a qualified expert on laws and society of Pakistan in different courts in United Kingdom.



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in IALS, on 2nd April 2012
– Applied Methodology: Legislation & Law Reforms: A Case Study of Pakistan held in IALS,
London, on 9th March 2010
English (Professional), Punjabi (native), Urdu (Fluent), Hindi (Conversational)