Year of Call: 2021 - Second Six Pupil


Master of Laws (LLM) in Immigration Law, The University of Law, London

Bar Professional Training Course (BPTC), The University of Law, London


Professional Experience

Sarah Forey offers a strong blend of legal education and practical experience, with specialisations in housing law, family law, and immigration law. Since being called to the Bar in 2021, she has effectively applied her legal expertise across various capacities that merge legislative compliance with active social intervention.




Expertise in Housing Law working with Local Authorities: With over six years in Housing Law, Sarah has substantial expertise under the Homelessness Reduction Act 2017. She excels in managing complex cases and developing strategies for housing matters. She has a consistent track record of delivering quality housing advice, leading impactful projects like the implementation of quality advocacy under the Homeless Reduction Act and conducting thorough policy reviews.


Civil Law Experience: Sarah has shadowed several civil law cases, which includes Small Claims & Fast Track Trial, Breach of Contract, Landlord & Tenant and Professional Negligence.


Family Law Experience: Sarah has shadowed several family law cases, which includes children contact, family contact, care proceedings, FLA applications, FDR, fact finding hearings and final contested hearings. Sarah actively chaired the Multi-Agency Risk Assessment Conference (MARAC) in the Local Authority, addressing high-risk domestic abuse cases, reflecting her deep interest and proactive stance in family law.


Criminal Law Experience: Sarah has shadowed in various criminal cases. This involves attending a variety of court proceedings such as trials, bail applications, and sentencing hearings. Sarah has been tasked with case preparation activities which includes legal research and drafting legal documents.


Immigration Law Experience: Sarah has gained experience in shadowing barristers at immigration tribunals and has experience in drafting skeleton arguments and undertaking research.


More About Sarah

Sarah Forey is dedicated to her career at the Bar, showcasing a track record of leadership, innovative solutions, and a profound commitment to justice and client services. She continues to focus her practice on areas including family, immigration, housing and criminal law, leveraging her extensive experience and skills.