Chambers Fee Structure


This page contains the fee range for Members of the Public that wish to instruct one of our Barristers on a Direct Access Basis.

Kindly note that all cases taken on by our Direct Access Barristers require a conference at the beginning.

A fee will not only apply for the work you wish for the Barrister to undertake but also for the conference that they will have with you beforehand.

The location of the conference is dependent on the convenience of the client. If conference is needed at an urgent basis from the client, then the location is likely to be chosen on the basis of the barristers convenience.

Telephone conference is another option dependent on the case and is a must in order for the barrister to obtain instructions in the case you wish for them to undertake. 

Below we provide estimates based on the ranges of fixed fees for barristers at 3 Bolt Court. All fees Exclude VAT (where applicable). If we charge fixed fees, these may vary depending on your needs – for example, your fees may be towards the higher end of the range if you need a more experienced barrister and/or you have a more complex case. If you have a particularly complex case, your fees may also be higher than the estimates below:

Stage of Case Range of Fees
Written Advice £250 – £1250 (Depending on Complexity & Volume of Papers to Peruse)
Advising in Conference (Face to Face) £150 – £750 (Immigration Matters tend to start from £150 where as Civil starts from £200)
Advising in Conference (By Telephone) £100 – £650
Preparation of Appeal/ Trial £500 – £5000 (Depending on Complexity)
Case Management and Bail Hearings £350 – £750 (London Tribunals)


£500 – £1250 (Outside London)

Tribunal Appearance Including First Tier & Upper Tribunal (Immigration) £500 – £1750
High Court & Court of Appeal (Immigration) £750 – £4500 (Ranging from Permission Application to Substantive Hearing)
Application, Directions, FHDRA, Dispute Resolutions, First Appointment Hearings £400 – £1000 (Dependent on Time Estimate being 30 minutes to 1 Hour and Court Venue)
Final Hearings, Fact- Finding Hearings & Full Hearings £750 – £3000 (First Day Hearings depending on type of hearing, length of hearing & Complexity. Financial Matters tend to be slightly more expensive)

Refreshers (Hearing after the first day) £500 – £2000 Per Day


Small Claims Trials

Fast Track Trials

Multi Track Trials


£500 – £1500

£650 – £2500

Starting from £1250 – £6000

Possession Hearings £350 – £1000 (for Standard possession Hearings listed from 5 minutes to 1 Hours)




We can offer the above services on an hourly rate basis dependent on seniority of counsel at 3 Bolt Court Chambers. Our rates start at £150 per hour up to £500 per hour. Some of the barrister do charge VAT but depending on your circumstance you may not be eligible to pay VAT.

You will be required to pay the fees in full before any work can commence and you will be asked to sign a client care letter to this effect.

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All information is correct as of February 2020, but fees are estimates only.

You may also need advice and/or representation at short notice. If so, please contact the clerks: our barristers will aim to advise you and/or represent you at a hearing where possible. We mostly charge fixed fees, which means that we will charge you a set amount of money for the work.