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I truly appreciate Mr Jay Gajjar’s efforts and commitments to my success, I was really up against it in my immigration case and had no chance of win my ILR basis on ten years Long Residence (two-year gap) at FtT and UT. I got in touch with Barrister Jay Gajjar, and he accepted my case as challenge, and he went above and beyond, and out of his way to help me. He has won my case at First-tier Tribunal, and also defeated the Home Office in the Upper Tribunal. I want to say thanks with the bottom of my heart to Barrister Jay Gajjar. No doubt, Mr J Gajjar has extensive and tactical  knowledge in his profession and also excellent customer services.

Aftab Majeed,

Can't Rate this Firm High enough. Farah Ramzan went above and beyond the call of duty to ensure we reached our objective.She takes the case on as though its her own case and her actions speak much louder then her words. Many Thanks again for such a Awesome Service Provided by both Eustace as the first point of call and then Farah whom took our case on and knocked the opposition out of the Park.

Rashad Jabbar,

Very professional helped my cousin out with his employment dispute. Great outcome. Would highly recommend Law Lane Chambers.

Henrieta Williams,

Extremely pleased with the service I have been provided with. The clerks are immensely helpful and pleasant to deal with, would definitely recommend this firm.

Ria Michaels,

Jay gajjar is very good barrister he handled my case very well did every thing on time.

Mujtaba Hashmi,

A quality Chambers.. I’m assuming it’s the clerks I spoke with (two different people) - they both have excellent communication and customer service skills!!

Oscar Bowes,

Christina Nicholas from Law Lane Chambers has been excellent. We had a court hearing on the 3rd of October for sponsoring children into UK from Pakistan. Christina Nicholas was presenting us at Taylor House, she was well prepared and handle the case excellently, she is calm and very charming and will answer any question you have. She presented all the evidence to the judge in correct order and explained to the judge our situation extremely good. When she was making a submission the judge was really interested in listening and was making all the important notes. Judge will hear the decision in two weeks and I am positive the appeal will be allowed. Thank you Christina Nicholas at Law Lane Chambers.

Mohammed Khan,

Excellent service very attentive. Eustace and Mehtab Malhotra did a wonderful job. Totally recommend them.

Pamela Rodrigues,

Im fighting in court over direct contact with my 10 years old daughter. its been a very difficult time and I couldn't ask for better repentant than Farah Ramzan and her lovely assistant Sarah. both show such a professionalism, incredible knowledge and care. Thank you so much for helping me out in that difficult process. Its been really hard but with their great support I know Ill be able to see my little girl soon.THANK YOU VERY MUCH,

We at Greenland Lawyers LLP appreciate services of Counsels and Clerks in your Chambers. Notably, Eustace the Head Clerk and his team. We also acknowledge the professional approach of Counsels instructed to handle matters for our clients, in particular Ms Jacqueline Victor – Mazeli of Counsel for her excellent approach to all the case she has handled for us. We hope that this relationship we have established would continue into the near future.

Olatunde Edun,

Farah is a smart and relentless barrister who always pursues the best interests of her client and has excellent expertise in cross-examination. She supported me with her extensive legal and practical knowledge and handled my case with care. Farah is a thorough and confident Barrister and showed an exceptional degree.

Hifzul Ahmed,

FARAH RAMZAN Barrister, was so accurate, that she planned to close the case at half, with No Case To Answer, impressing very well the Judge, that after she, the judge, dismissed the case & start to brawl the prosecution Lawyer, asking her to ensure that the cases are reviewed and dropped before to appear in the court. She also obtained costs back from the court and made the prosecution lawyer to speak with me nicely. She basically smashed the court and obtained exactly what she want, quick and accurate.

John N.,

I cannot thank Eustance and my barrister Davendra Shrestha for going far and beyond for me! They were honest and trustworthy with me throughout the process! Time was not on our side and they were so patient when I was demanding! If you want an honest and trustworthy firm look no further! Highly recommended!! Highly recommended! Thank you!!

Ionna Anderson,

Ms Jacqueline Victor-Muzeli from law lane chambers is very brilliant. She worked on my son's immigration application in August this year and was very good in court. She quickly understood the history and background of the case which meant that the home office did not stand a chance and we won. The Barristers Chambers, in particular, is truly outstanding and has real professional Barristers who are good value for money. I would recommend them to anyone who needs quality work.

Austin Chukwu,

Stepped in and handled a short notice hearing very well .. the desired result achieved .. very helpful and attentive staff at a difficult time.

Edward Carnell,

Very professional helped my cousin out with his employment dispute. Great outcome. Would highly recommend Law Lane Chambers

Angela Williams,

Sana Mushtaq was amazing. She won my case for me. She has been very supportive throughout and helpful. Such a relief for me as its been a very stressful time but she took the stress away. I am thankful to her and all her team. I would recommend them to everyone.

Gulwareena Gauhar,

Barrister Ms Kashmala Khan was fantastic help today and I and my partner will definitely Put her forward to people we know.


Excellent barister miss kashmala khan. Represnted my case.. excellent work highly recommended.


We are happy to inform you that Ms. Khan is a very brilliant Barrister, she presented our client cases excellently well and our clients were extremely happy about all her help and assistance via her excellent advocacy skills. We hope to use her wonderful services in the foreseeable future as we had positive feedback from our clients. Once again many thanks.

Adeola Osuntola, AO & Associates Solicitors,

Kashmala presented very confidently and expressed her arguments clearly in Court . She also showed excellent interpersonal skills. I would recommend other solicitors to instruct her.

Mr Nadarajan Ramachandran (Raj), Law & Lawyers Solicitors,

I am grateful to Christina Nicholas from Law Lane Chambers (now 3Bolt Court Chambers) for her legal advice and presentation of my case in the immigration court.  She persuaded me to disclose all the background facts which had been disregarded and ignored by my previous legal representatives in other legal proceedings. It seemed that these facts were not relevant in my immigration case but she insisted that full disclosure would improve my prospects. She was right, my appeal was allowed.  I am grateful to the Chambers for choosing her as my barrister.

Bright Chibunna Iwumune,

I wish to express my gratitude to barrister Christina Nicholas for her great work in the matter of my asylum. My file was large and complicated in facts and evidence but she quickly organised the file, prepared me for the hearing very thoroughly during two conferences and well presented my case in court. My spirit sunk when the HO was attacking and berating my case but it was quickly restored and elevated when I heard the submission on my behalf, it was so impressive that I had no doubt in success. I shall be recommending her to all my compatriotes who need legal work.

Md. Chowdhury,

I would like to thank Barrister Andrei with handling my court case the way he did, This has been a stressful ordeal and Andrei has kept me well informed in every step of the way. As a Barrister he gave me the scope of the situation bad and good and what it meant for me in legal terms. I was made aware of the consequences and the best advice to counter each action I took. This breaking down of information in legal format enabled me to make an informed decision that subsequently contributed to the withdrawal of this case that had me on the ropes for so long. Another important factor to mention was Andreis desire to accommodate me after hours and weekends as I work throughout the day. He insisted he would go out of his way if need be. He accommodated me and made himself readily available after hours and weekends keeping his word which hence relieved the pressure and stress. I appreciate it and would recommend him to be anyone’s advocate throughout any legal battle or matter. May God bless him.

Sandra Kadzombe,

We are pleased to inform you, the counsel Ms Kashmala Khan handled the matter in excellent manner, The young  Barrister tackled the aggressive   respondent in proper manner after several repeated sessions in the court meeting room. Finally the matter has been concluded today. The Consent  Order has been  passed by the Deputy Judge Mr Pathak.   Really I appreciate  the Counsel, she is very good at Family Financial proceedings matter

Sahabudeen Abdul Hamid, Masters Solicitors,

This is a brief note just to inform you how I was satisfied with my barrister Emil Mihai Lixandru for the 4 days court hearing 9th March 2020 to 12th March 2020 which I had him for. I appreciate the advice and help he gave me throughout this court case.

Judith Peterson,

I can definitely confirm that Mrs Khan has been  exceptionally performed well in my case and managed to express my concerns to the court. She is available to speak to the client any time and is ready to listen to the client which is very important for a barrister who is going to represent client in the court. Moreover she has been very professional and gave me advise from her experience and helped me in my case. I would definitely suggest her to anyone especially in family matters. I am really happy with her professional approach and thankful to her for her support.  

Bibin Abraham,

I am writing to thank you for making arrangements for my court case. I really appreciate all your help. I would like to especially mention Mrs. Khan (barrister) for giving great support. She did a very good job and explained everything to me. Please can you book her for the next hearing on 12th October at 11am.

T Vilingnan,

Further to yesterday hearing in family court  Reading. The hearing was conducted through telephonic and  attended by our client Miss Mahwish Jabeen and Barrister Kashmila Khan. Our client and we are very thankful to Miss K Khan who did fabolous work. Our client is very very happy and satisfied  with Miss Khan's job. We are also very satisfied with Miss Khan and appreciate what she did yesterday. In the past whenever we  instructed  Miss Khan for any matter she did an excellent job. Further we also inform some other  solicitors firms also  that they can instruct Miss Khan for family and immigration matters.

Shahzad Akhtar, Lawgate Solicitors,

I instructed Farah Ramazan late evening on the 17th August 2020, when my hearing was the following morning. I sent Farah the hearing bundle and within an hour Farah called me and was fully aware of my case details and position. Farah provides a professional, efficient guidance and service. Farah is continuing to support me even after the hearing! I would highly recommend Farah’s services to anyone requiring a barrister.

Laura Tarjuman,

Cherreem was excellent She has a wonderful grasp of the matter. She is very well grounded in Housing / landlord and tenant issues. We are very grateful for her service.

Adeola Osuntola, A O & Associates Solicitors,

Re: Case No. RG18P00128 With reference to the above matter, we want to appreciate Ms Khan's work and efforts she done for the client in the above. She made searches and find out some organisations offering DAPP course by private funding for the client which is a great job by Ms Khan during her busy timings. Well done We look forward to avail the same services for our valuable clients in the future.

M Asghar Khan LawGate Solicitors,

Thank you very much for appointing kashmala She was professional, excellent and spot on as she new what to ask the Judge and her representation was brilliant and to the point and we got the order and costs I would like to continue to instruct her .

Nadarajan Ramachandran, Law & Lawyers Solicitors,

Ms Adejumo provided excellent advice and representation for our client. Ms Adejumo exhibited high professionalism throughout, showed attention to detail and she was very sensitive to the client's instructions. Excellent working relationship with her instructing solicitors.

Chris Alexander Solicitors,

I had the honour to be represented in court by Mrs. Khan. I have been through a very difficult situation with my ex-husband. She has proved herself to be very professional during the process and very focused on the real facts. She has shown me a great set of skills and has been able to emphasize with my situation. Therefore, she made me feel comfortable and confident in her defending me. Because of all her great support and outstanding services, I recommend her with confidence to everyone who goes through difficult marital problems. Should you require any additional details, do not hesitate to contact me.

Mirela Ciobota,

Just to let you know that the case on the 24th and 25th February  has been finalised  by the court. I would like Thank Miss Kashmala  Khan  for all her hard work and support  leading up to the case and hopefully  for the children case in the future we will do even better. Thanks again and very much appreciated for everything  again.

Helal Ahmed,

First I will like to thank your Firm for allowing Miss Khan to fight in my corner. I will further like to thank Ms Khan herself for her professionalism and knowledge, along with the ability to make me feel relaxed about the process of the case. She made me feel very confident. She knew exactly what’s she needed to do and I did not have any worry that she will do her best. And it all worked out as we won our case. She represented me since 2018 till today and I have no complains about her work as she was absolutely amazing. Once again thank you Ms Khan.

Omodolapo Oni,

Review for Ms Khan. I write in relation to today’s hearing. our client called me and was extremely happy with the work/ performance of Ms Khan in today’s hearing. He further instructed us to be represented by Ms Khan in the future hearing in relation to the above matter.

M Asghar Khan LawGate Solicitors,

I just want to express my gratitude to Kashmala Khan for helping me achieve my goal which was to win my case and get access to my son again. Kashmala did it ever so professionally and smartly but the main thing that helped me was her calmness and the rapport she built with me from the beginning, she understood everything what I was seeking and guided me to reach my goal. She went above and beyond and delivered just as I imagined on the day. Anyone requiring a family barrister, Kashmala is your lady. Once again thank you for bringing happiness back into my life.

Ali Askor,

I would like to take this opportunity to submit the feedback for Miss Kashmala Khan of 3 bolt court who has been a tremendous help during the process of my appeal. She has dealt my case with utmost dedication and considered every aspect of the case with care. Her expertise to assess the appeal and her knowledge of immigration rules and regulations have helped me tremendously throughout this painful and stressful process. The way she dealt with the court on the day of hearing was commendable and the evidence to backup my appeal, the arguments she put fourth the immigration judge were undeniable to the court which ruled in my favour and ultimately resulted in appeal success. I would like to thank Miss Khan for her efforts and would highly recommend anybody having ongoing issues with immigration or appeals to get in touch with her and let her deal their cases as I am pretty much positive that she will deliver excellent and up to the mark results. Thank you so much. A happy and successful appellant.

Naeem Abbas From Pakistan,

Dear sirs, We had the privilege to work with Mrs. K Khan in the case of Mr. Celaj. I would like to thank Mrs. Khan for the amazing work she did and congratulate her on a positive outcome. She was absolutely amazing, very kind, hard-working, communicative, passionate, and caring.  Mrs. Khan was very understanding and aim to achieve a great result, its difficult to find such a barrister who gives their all and does the maximum to achieve the best outcome for their client. I will for sure recommend Mrs. Khan to anyone who needs a barrister. We are extremely happy with Mrs. Khan's services. Hope to work together soon. 🙂 Many thanks

Ensuela Likolaj,

I can't praise enough how much Kashmala has helped me. In a ongoing case for 6 years the help and advice was invaluable. Kashmala has always been very professional, and always listening and giving the best advice for my case. I am so glad I had Kashmala represent me. My solicitor farm hired her for my divorce/ property settlement case. My final hearing was so intense and so long in one time I was getting bad anxiety but the way Mrs Khan handled the case and the way she explained me everything it was amazing and therapeutic I would say . I’m so great full to her and so happy that we won the case . I believe in future she would achieve more success and I wish her a very happy successful career. Thanks again to Kashmala.

Syed kamran,

Dear Ms Khan I have received great feedback from Mr Amaral and I believe a great Job was done Which led to a great Outcome. Please find below clients remarks. WELL DONE AND THANK YOU very MUCH

Aisha Mahmood, Briton Solicitors,

Congratulations on your victory at the court! I was confident that you will win the case.I am glad to learn that this long battle is finally over.I knew my case was in excellent hands with you as my representative.I had complete faith in your skills and abilities to deal with this case. Thank you hilda

Mohammed Atiq Riasat,

Hello Eustace! It’s Thasnia here, I have been meaning to email you since I have completed my work experience with 3 Bolt Court Chambers! I just wanted to say, I am very thankful and grateful for this experience, it has really reassured me if I want to be in a court environment, I have learnt a huge amount of information of the routes into law, the pathways, the struggles, the rewards etc! I really enjoyed my time in court, shadowing the barristers, the cases were highly interesting and made me really want to take a career in law. Being only a first year a level student, I am really proud of myself for taking this opportunity and making the most of it, would not have been possible without your support! This work experience meant a lot to me as I really want to confirm if my career choices are the right ones earlier on in my path. This helped me come to a judgment, and I aim to learn and grow more. Thank you once again, I wish the chambers all the best and I am really happy I took this opportunity.

Thasnia Chowdhury,

Dear sirs, I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to Ms Sukainah and Mr Sultan for all the care and concern you have shown me, and for working tirelessly to ensure that the law worked in our favour. If it weren’t for your analytical skills and knowledge, the matter would take longer. Thank you once again for your legal advice, time and efforts and I hope my final hearing goes well. Yours sincerely


Dear Eustace Please express my gratitude to Counsel Sana Mushtaq for her patience and excellent work today. Kindly pencil her in for the crown court sentencing.

Ozzie Osaze Agho, Bridges Solicitors,

Dear Mr Owusu, I would like to thank you for your hard effort and excellent advocacy skills in winning today's hearing at the Birmingham Magistrates Court today. I was impressed and so were the clients as to how well prepared you were at the hearing and the way you cross examined the Prosecution witnesses. I would like to thank you again from the whole team at Lawrence Kurt Solicitors.

Samir Iqbal, Lawrence Kurt Solicitors,

Good afternoon, I am very grateful for the help I received from Miss Khan, she explained everything in detail and made the process a better learning experience. A friend recommended me, and I am very glad he did, my case turned out better than I could’ve hoped for. She was easy to communicate with and very knowledgeable. Highly recommend! Thank you for your help on this case, will recommend to friends and family. Kind regards,

Hasan Hussain,

Kashmala is a really good listener and helped me feel more comfortable and less anxious. In what Is the most stressful period of my life, I was empowered by the honest and well-informed advice provided by Kashmala and yourself. From the very first telephone conversation, everything was clearly explained and discussed options that are in the best interest of me and that of my children.

Mohammed Ammar Arshad,

We would like to appreciate  Counsel, Ms Mushtaq for representing our client in connection with the court hearing of 28 April 2022, at the Family Court at Central London. She did an amazing job and the case has been settled at the first hearing without wasting time and resources in further court proceedings We will be very happy to give her further instructions in future on family law cases because of her efficient and great representation.

Zafar Yasin (Principal Solicitor) Elegant Solicitors,

Hello Ms Khan, I trust you are doing well and safely on your way back. I wanted to whole heartedly thank you that today being one of the most important day for me, as mentioned in the subject line itself. Odds were against me to extremes, having come out of 4 setbacks previously in court hearings, I was disheartened & demotivated. Anyways as much as I am adult and educated enough, I felt like a small baby going 1st day into class room. You did so very well today defending my case with respect to my child’s NAME, NATIONALITY, CONTACT & DA allegations. I know that these were all wrong but you along with AISHA a trusted on my case. I have been observing your representation today and I cant stop to overly appreciate how good you were. This case is very close to my heart and my entire family as I have not got justice with respect to contact/relationship with my son. Your cross examination was tremendous as you asked mother question’s which I wanted to ask and you asked the way I would have asked eloquently and effectively. Its not about winning or loosing but its about putting best efforts smartly and thats what is your job and you did so so well today. I am expressive and I am sure you know that by now. So wanted to keep it short but couldn’t stop writing till here. So apologies if its too lengthy for you but you did amazing. Yet as there is a famous indian movie dialogue “PICTURE ABHI BAAKI HAI” meaning SHOW HAS NOT YET FINISHED “we still have another day to go” Finger crossed and hoping things go as we planned expected tomorrow as well.

Praveen Dara,