Adebayo Akinbade
Second Six Pupil

Call: 2021

Bayo has cross-sector exposure and is experienced in deciphering complex legal issues. He provides practical and concise advice. Bayo adopts a common-sense approach; he is client focused and brings business acumen to cases and matters.

Bayo has worked in investment banking, international law firms and worked for the Insolvency Services Department.

Bayo’s practice areas include civil, company liquidations, bankruptcy, financial crime, AML, compliance and regulatory related matters.

Bayo has experience advising and representing clients in corporate and private Immigration law matters.

Bayo’s practice areas also include family law, where he has represented clients in financial remedy proceedings and injunctions.

Bayo was privileged to shadow James Turner KC, Maria Scotland and Adal Ibra at the Court of Appeal in Re T (Abduction: Protective Measures: Agreement to Return).

Examples of Liquidation and Bankruptcy cases

  • Company in liquidation, amount owed to creditors – circa £730,000, with a floating charge on assets (crystallised into a fixed charge) and a personal guarantee by the director on one of the loans. This case subsequently involved a novation agreement between the relevant parties.



  • Unpledged assets in the bankrupt’s estate – circa £900,000, unsecured liabilities in the bankruptcy estate – circa £1.6 million, and total deficiency in the bankrupt’s estate was circa £751,000. This case involved an unfit conduct, the bankrupt failed to disclose that whilst insolvent he transferred circa £900,000 for no consideration to a family member.



  • Worked on the Public Examination (PE) and the Indefinite Suspension of Discharge (SOD) for a bankrupt who had failed to surrender (non-surrender) to the official receiver. An order for Indefinite suspension of discharge was granted, and the bankrupt signed an undertaking to surrender/ co-operate with official receiver.